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What is Longenis?

Longenis is an attempt at a clean, elegant, powerful, flexible, extensible, and light open source scripting language with a simple, neat syntax and a plethora of features, combining capabilities found only in a few disparate languages into a cohesive and practical whole.

Who is it aimed at?

Longenis is most suitable for the kind of developer who wants a powerful language, and doesn't have the time to screw around with low level issues, but still is discriminating enough to want a language that is both beautiful and practical.

How does the implementation retain its simplicity?

We have taken a page out of Lua's book in making a single data structure that can represent anything in the language in a cohesive way (in this case, a hash of strings). However, we depart from its approach when it becomes messy (as in Lua's C API), and instead opt for a cleaner, more object-oriented API and a more straightforward parsing and interpretation system. We also divide the interpreter into two parts: the bytecode compiler and the bytecode interpreter (this is similar to Python's method, however we make an effort to make runtime modifications to code easier and more straightforward to the programmer).

Where can I get a copy?

As of this writing, you can't. However, once we have something ready for download, the source tarballs will be able to be found in the Files section of the Project Page (see Files link in sidebar).

Where can I learn more about this?

Your best bet is to read the docs. If you still have questions, join the applicable mailing list (see Lists in the sidebar), or register on the Discussion Fora, and then ask.

What licenses are involved?

The Longenis package (which includes the libraries (in both Longenis and C++), interpreter, and utilities) is licensed under the GNU LGPL. The documentation is licensed under the GNU FDL, and the Longenis logo () is licensed under the Creative Commons Share-Alike/Attribution license.

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